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A magnificent set of brass double beam antique butchers weighing scales, dating from around 1900. These continental weighing scales are 1.65m high, have 2 sets of pans suspended from brass beams each with poised dolphins at the ends, mounted on a single pillar with a brass bull’s head finial at the top. The beams have screw-in balancing weights.  The shaped base holds15 weights ranging from 5 grams to 5 Kilograms. The large pans and weights are all stamped with assay marks to confirm the calibration.






An early 19th century set of Apothecarys’ Drug Scales, hand held by the cotton tag, in it's original case and with a set of Drachm weights. The steel beam balance has brass pans suspended by cotton threads and the whole instrument and weights fit into the six inch long oak chest type case with working catch & hinges







A 18th/19th century set of Apothecarys’ Scales, by Avery, in it's original case with makers trade label on the underside of the lid and each pan embossed with the Avery trademark. The balance comes with a set of Drachm weights in the oak case. The steel beam balance has brass pans suspended by chains and the whole instrument and weights fit into the seven inch long oak chest type case with hinged lid and working catch









A pair of vintage OIL IMMERSION RESISTORS, with connectors in glass phials, used to demonstrate the temperature coefficient of resistance, by Philip Harris of Birmingham, England.







  A cased HAWKSLEY & SONS antique medical HAEMACYTOMETER complete with micrometer slide in a plush lined case.    




    The Belgrave SPHYGMOMANOMETER signed on the silvered dial Bailey & Son, 45 Oxford St. London W.1., the scale reading 20 - 300 m/m,  the 2 in diameter brass case with suspension loop and inlet guard    




A fine set of proportional dividers in their original blue silk lined case. The dividers are engraved on one side  “A G Thornton, Manchesterwith scales for LINERA RATIOS and LINES, & on the other side with scales PLANS and SOLIDS.



A cased set of drawing instruments comprising springbows, compasses and pens, in a black leatherette covered case,  




A cased set of spring bow drawing instruments consisting a pair of dividers, a lead compass and an ink compass in a black leatherette covered case, monogrammed inside the lid with “D.R.”, the maker’s trademark?




A 10 in. Philips' Planisphere for latitudes 51 1/2 deg. North, shows the principle stars visible every hour for every day of the year, in original case -

 Galvanometers, ammeters, pressure gauges, etc...



Bar-lock typewriters model 18 & 18a handbook by Bar-Lock (1925) Ltd.,

The World's Minerals (with 40 colored plates) by L.J.Spencer,


Scientific Instrument Making in Manchester 1790 - 1870 by Jenny Wetton - this book could be purchased from the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry +(44)161 832 2244 for about £2

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