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Much of what can be said about Dancer's microphotographs appears in the book “The Microscopic Photographs of J.B.Dancer” by Bracegirdle & McCormick. This book is an excellent reference source for collectors of these slides as it catalogues all the known examples when it was first published. However, that was more than 25 years ago and some discrepancies have arisen since, as more physical evidence has come to light over the years. Also, be aware of errors made (by Dancer?) in the original numbering of the slides. For example, in my modest collection, I have 2 different slides numbered JBD 28. One is The Creed and the other is of Wellington. The book refers to The Creed as 28 and Wellington as 48 (on Dancer's original list) but the slide illustrated in the book at 48 is actually numbered 28.

So far, I have collected many of Dancer's microphotographs and quite a few by others, some with a yellow label (pretending to be by Dancer?), some supplied by Dancer and relabelled by the retailer and some clearly prepared by others.


By J.B.Dancer – For a more comprehensive description of these microphotographs, please refer to the above mentioned book. If you don't have a copy, just let me know and I will do my best to find one for you.

No.1 Sturgeon's Tablet


No.2 Lieut.Col. Dickenson's Tablet

No.7 The Queen

No10 Empress Eugenie

retailed by Mason of Dublin

No.11 The Maddona

retailed by Mason of Dublin

No.15 Deer Stalkers Returning – listed as No.34 in Dancer's original list and Suter's list but clearly labelled No.15 on this retailed by Steward of London

No.19 Tintern Abbey

No.26 The Lord's Prayer, Illuminated

slide damaged but photograph still intact.

No.28 Wellington - listed as no. 48 in Dancer's original list but clearly numbered 28

No.28 The Creed, Illuminated

No.29 The Creed Plain

No.32 Bolton Abbey

No.15 Deer Stalkers Returning

No.35 The Auld Man's Best Argument

No.36 Her Majesty

slide broken but photograph still intact

No.38 Rustic Felicity

No.39 The Imperial Family of Russia

slide broken, labels still on but photograph missing

No.43 Windsor Castle

No.45 Bridge at Prague

No.47 Bonaparte

slide with label but no photograph

No.51 £20 Bank Note

No.51 £20 Bank Note

broken slide stuck on a clean slide – photograph still o/k

No.54 Lord Raglan's Tablet

No.56 The Noble Army of Martyers Praise Thee

No.66 The Holy Family

ringed cover slip – unusual. Maybe an after market addition (?)

No.76 Lord Panmure

chip out of corner of slide but photograph still o/k

No.85 Handel

label just about readable but picture missing

No.95 H.R.H.Maharajah Dhuleep Singh

No.99 Panoramic View of Paris

The cover slip is ringed (most unusual for a JBD microphotograph)

No.184 Blindman's Buff

No.227 The Song of the Shirt

No.229 A Psalm of Life

retailed by Armstrong of Manchester

No.236 The Village Blacksmith

No.241 The Origin of the Species

with hand written explanation on separate label

No.249 Bob Cratchet's Dinner

No.250 The Sermon on the Mount

No.252 Bab Ballads

slide broken and repaired, photograph still o/k

No.261 The Great Eastern

No.271 Panorama of Rome

No.277 Gray's “Elegy”

the last item on Dancer's original list

This microphotograph is labelled by Dancer's Daughters

Robinson Crusoe by J. Nasmiyth

The photograph is similar to the one shown for No.417 on the Suter list but looks to be more complete, in that the Suter listed picture looks to be an un-finished sketch whereas this photograph is of the completed sketch.


slides with similar label to JBD but without the initials – the numbers on the labels do not refer to the original Dancer or Suter lists and are probably the preparers own list of numbered slides.

No.17 Massacre of the Inocents

No.27 The Agony

No.31 Paul Preaching at the Ephesus

No.68 Araceli da Caprino, Rome

No.84 £20 note

No.97 S.M.L.Imperatice (No.50 in the book)

slide broken and cover slip missing – photo in poor condition

No.107 Shakspeare

not the portrait shown in the book (No.433), nor No.25 but a bust with no framing, older looking and facing left.

Photographs by George Quick – two very nice preparations with the cover slips finely ringed.

Going with the Stream (No.92 in the book)

Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar (No.49 in the book)

Samples by “A.R.” - Arthur Reeves (?)

Oh! painting by Fitzgerald

The Orphans (No.327 in the book)

The Prince and Princess of Wales

Slide broken but photograph still intact (just).

Going with the Stream

picture looks to be identical to the one by Quick

“Photographic Curiosity” slides by “J.S.”

Breaking Cover

broken slide, repaired by sticking the broken parts on top of a complete blank slide

The Highland drover's Departure

His Majesty Victor Emanuel

The Village Politicians

John Proclaiming the Messiah

Various other preparers -

No.49 by H.W. - The Poulterer

No.503 by E.Wheeler – Saturn (not No.347 in the book)

very nicely prepared with ringing on the cover slip and Wheelers name and address on the negative.

200 Kings and Queens of England

trade label by Watson, possibly prepared by Wheeler(?)

The Moon by J.C.S. (Not the same as No.344 in the book)

Laying Down the Law (No.71 in the book)

Trade label by Stanley, Railway approach London Bridge

The Lords Prayer, Illuminated (No.26 in the book)

no preparers label

The Moon. (not the same as No.344 in the book, nor the same as the one by J.C.S. Above). Diamond engraved on the glass slide “The Moon” and initials “HW” (?)

Queen Victoria and Infant Children (No.4 in the book)

no preparer's label

Map of England (No.439a in the book)

no preparers label

Death of Nelson. (not the same as No.382 in the book).

A View of Bristol

£1000 bank note

Photo – Victorian female in underwear

no preparers label

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