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A fine antique mining dial/theodolite in its original fitted mahogany case, engraved on the silver compass dial JOHN DAVIS & SON, (DERBY) Ltd, and with the serial number 4342, in its original case. The horizontal silver compass has a thumbscrew needle clamp, is scaled 0 – 360 degrees on the outside, has four 0 – 90 degree scales on the inside and a pair of working bubble levels inset.The instrument has a thumbwheel underneath with which to turn the dial horizontally, a clamping screw to fix the horizontal position, a fine position control and a silvered vernier on the side of the compass box for accurate reading. The instrument is fitted with a vertical dial (effectively making it a mining theodolite). It comes with its original case, which has brass clips & hinges. The instrument is in good condition with lots of original lacquer left and makes a very impressive display as well as being a rare working antique instrument – on hold



Description: tslt2b1An antique surveying theodolite by Troughton & Simms, London (1824 – 1916), instrument makers to the world. This large ďtop of the rangeĒ micrometer theodolite was one of the best available at the time. It comes in two cases, one for the body of the theodolite, and the other for the detachable telescope and vertical circle, both with fittings for various accessories. Accessories include erecting eyepiece, inverting eyepiece, plumb bob, sun filter, adjusting bar, trough compass, large detachable cross level and triangulation foot, as well as a complete working oil lamp for illuminating the cross hairs in the dark. The telescope has thumbwheel rack & pinion focussing, drawtube focussing eyepiece and removable ray shade to the objective. The vertical circle has 2 verniers with silvered scales and magnifiers, fine adjust and a lever clamp. The enclosed horizontal silvered scale has 2 micrometers, fine adjust and clamp, and there are two horizontal bubble levels on the plate. The plate is engraved with the makerís name TRAUGHTON & SIMMS LONDON. The instrument is mounted on a detachable three-screw tripod mount with fine adjustments & clamp. This theodolite is in fine working order with all bubbles complete, controls smooth and all original finishes showing few signs of wear. An excellent example of a late 19th century transit theodolite by one of Englandís best makers of the day. - £750



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:grahammarsh:Desktop:ngllg3.jpgAn antique surveying level, by NORTON & GREGORY LTD LONDON & GLASGOW, manufacturers of drawing instruments and appliances, in itís original case. The instrument is engraved on the telescope barrel with the makerís name and the portcullis gate symbol, has a graduated bubble level along the telescope and cross bubble level at the front. The telescope has rack & pinion focussing and a magnifying glass to read the scale on the compass. A dry card compass mounted beneath the telescope has a thumbscrew needle clamp and is finely engraved in degrees on a silver scale. The instrument comes on a 4 screw mount for staff or tripod mounting with rotation clamp. It comes in the original mahogany case which measures about 20 inches long overall, has brass hinges and catches and is in good working order. - £150




The World's Minerals (with 40 colored plates) by L.J.Spencer - £15 






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