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A fine antique mining dial/theodolite in its original fitted mahogany case, engraved on the silver compass dial JOHN DAVIS & SON, (DERBY) Ltd, and with the serial number 4342, in its original case. The horizontal silver compass has a thumbscrew needle clamp, is scaled 0 360 degrees on the outside, has four 0 90 degree scales on the inside and a pair of working bubble levels inset.  The instrument has a thumbwheel underneath with which to turn the dial horizontally, a clamping screw to fix the horizontal position, a fine position control and a silvered vernier on the side of the compass box for accurate reading. The instrument is fitted with a vertical dial (effectively making it a mining theodolite). It comes with its original case, which has brass clips & hinges. The instrument is in good condition with lots of original lacquer left and makes a very impressive display as well as being a rare working antique instrument - 395




The World's Minerals (with 40 colored plates) by L.J.Spencer - 15 





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