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Description: Description: ck18546A large antique telescope engraved on the shoulder “T.COOKE, YORK, 1854“, on a floor stand, with equatorial mount and long handled slow motion controls. Thomas Cooke was probably the best telescope maker in the world during the second half of the 19th century, joining with Troughton & Simms in the early 20th century to form the company Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd. He made many of the best observatory telescopes for the world and won many prizes and medals for his telescopes and other optical instruments. This Victorian brass refracting telescope has draw tube main focus and thumbwheel rack & pinion fine focus and adjustable telescopic steady from the stand to the shoulder of the telescope. The 60 inch long telescope stands some 67 inches high on its adjustable height stand. The telescope has a flawless 4  -inch diameter objective with removable brass cap and an adjustable star finder telescope with dust cap & slide. The equatorial mount has slow motion controls which can be dis-engaged for rapid transiting of the ‘scope in both vertical and horizontal directions. The optics are in excellent condition, with no significant chips, scratches or marks and the whole instrument is in good working order. It makes a stunning display as well as being a good working telescope, with only minor wear, as would be expected from a 150+ year old telescope – on hold



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:grahammarsh:Desktop:lplbin1.jpgA pair of Antique Brass Galilean field glasses or Binoculars, impressed around each eyepieceTHE LIVERPOOL”.  These type of field glasses were made from the middle of the 1800’s until optical prism technology overtook the simple Galilean optics in the early 20th century. These, all brass, binoculars are in good condition with brown leather covered barrels, and sliding ray shades. The optics are fine and free of any significant scratches, chips or cracks and they focus smoothly giving a clear image. They measure just under 6 inches in length with shades extended and compress down to 4 inches for storage. The main lenses are 2 inches diameter, and the general finish is very good for the age. A fine example of this mid 19th century instrument. - £35


An assortment of binoculars, including w.w.1. military, nautical, etc





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